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Let me start with the first verse, 1 Timothy 2: It is true that some women were gossiping at Ephesus 1 Tim.

1 timothy 2 12 joyce meyers

That, it seems to me, is what verse 12 is denying… Paul is saying, like Jesus in Luke 10, that women must have the space and leisure to study and learn in their own way, not in order that they may muscle in and take over the leadership as in the Artemis-cult, but so that men and women alike can develop whatever gifts of learning, teaching and leadership God is giving them. As things stand, there is no evidence in Ephesus that this possibility was anything but a possibility.

1 timothy 2 12 joyce meyers

1 timothy 2 12 joyce meyers

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  2. So let me explain. Should we place so much emphasis on a verse in which an uncommon word is employed?

  3. Are we to believe that it was permissible for a man to murder either a man or woman? There was false teaching by a woman named Jezebel in a different city, Thyatira, at a later time period Rev.

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