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When I reported this back to our Ambassador he was overjoyed and asked me to join the Ministry. Their money is on the need for what Dannemann-Kamerman calls "Big specialized, complicated government" rather than direct and federal forms of libertarian democracy what has usually been called anarchism; ie no-government. Finally he conceded and we danced briefly and talked about our daughters and their future in a world with nuclear weapons.


Be open to the possibility of inspecting those beliefs and assumptions using tools of NLP, especially the metamodel. The citizens [auditors] kept the campaign grounded in the nation's widely held values of democracy and freedom, and their demands were based on the civil rights guaranteed by the U.



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  1. Reformers match their social systems and match the new ideas, and move towards a successful blending of these. Explaining how he chooses to reframe events as demonstrating the possibility of change, he says "I mean, look; if you want to feel hopeless, there are a lot of things you could feel hopeless about.

  2. The struggle against slavery went on forever, the struggle for women's rights has been going on for centuries. Her speech was a defining moment when the whole psychological tide turned in our favour and there was a palpable energy and feeling that we were going to win at that point.

  3. So if you have a slightly different view from the person next door on, say, abortion rights, it's a war - you can't even talk to each other, it's not an issue that you can even discuss. Why does he say that every family will opt to get the most grazing for their own sheep and not every individual?

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