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After airing the syndicated After Midnite with Blair Garner show in the early morning hours of February 5 which also ended with "The Dance" , the country music format was gone from the station, thus leaving the entire New York City area without a full-time Country station. At the same time, they moved the format at The show was groundbreaking as it presented the countdown in long music sweeps as opposed to the traditional 2-songs in a row followed by a commercial break.

103 5 ktu phone number

Cubby Bryant , who served as Goldberg's sidekick, left the syndicated show and returned to WKTU in January to host his own morning show. According to station management, the reason was due to Goldberg's duties on The View , although it may also have to do with the show's ratings. The show started on Sunday nights, then moved to Friday nights at 6:

103 5 ktu phone number

103 5 ktu phone number

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