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Seeing does not have to, but could very well be related to your Twin Flame journey. When you feel lost time and that the time is passing rapidly and it feels engaging and exciting, this will be felt by you both.

111 soulmate

Love is not connected or dependent on any day of the year and neither is Twin Flame union by the way. From fear into love.

111 soulmate

111 soulmate

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  1. Not that seeing means you have successfully anchored into 5D, but it does show you that you are coming into a deeper alignment to it, which is the first step. Soul Mate Time Shifting When you are in presence of one another in physical or emotional consciousness you will frequently experience time shifting, where the time seems to race by, be lost, or missing time.

  2. I felt it was worth mentioning though, for those who are still in synchronization who might have some concerns on these physical quirks. You will always strive to be kind, courteous, unselfish, affectionate, helpful, honest, loyal, and sweet to one another.

  3. If both are not in awareness and acceptance, there can be problems at the sexual level.

  4. How are your loved ones? You will long to tell them those things light and dark which you have never shared with another being.

  5. The Angels are giving you this sign so you know assistance is never far away. You must be in tune to your own truth and love your own self truly and accept yourself before you are in vibrational harmony with your own spirit, your own flame…that once you are in harmony to your own flame — you can then attract and hold the flame of the other you — your soul mate.

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