1920s gangster nicknames


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Dreads This is an obvious nickname for a friends with dreads. Queen Another nickname for a royal-acting girl.

1920s gangster nicknames

Then call him Rock. But when he returned to Harlem in , he was greeted with a parade. He was shuttled from foster home to foster home, where he suffered both physical and sexual abuse.

1920s gangster nicknames

1920s gangster nicknames

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And so Dillinger and the others, Van Join was eventually gunned down 1920s gangster nicknames two pictured. For tin, infamous gangster and part Jack McGurn was nicknamed "Affirmative Gun", obviously for his tin, but also for the side to his last name.

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  1. Vixen Another powerful and devious nickname.

  2. After spearheading the development of Las Vegas in the s, he was killed in Los Angeles in , perhaps due to a disagreement with Lansky although the motives remain uncertain.

  3. He often ran afoul of the law, and between ages 16 and 22, he spent only 84 days as a free man. He appeared to have been trying to escape but some claim that he was actually killed by the mafia.

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