347 stroker motor


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Otherwise, Summit's stroker kit is the easiest way to add cubic inches to your Mustang, without spending cubic dollars. Blow out all the oil passages to make sure they are clean too.

347 stroker motor

Number them for each bore, and set them aside. Since the Ford small-block uses a symmetrical head port design, all the pistons have the exhaust valve notch facing the same direction as the large chamfered side of the connecting rod. New Sensation The most nerve-wracking part of this engine buildup or any stroker engine buildup for that matter is notching the block for clearance.

347 stroker motor

347 stroker motor

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  1. If it binds, locate where it is binding, and use very fine sandpaper grit or finer to smooth out any obstructions or tight clearances. No matter which way you go, keep in mind that this kit is not balanced.

  2. We didn't do so because we wanted to save a few extra bucks.

  3. With the pin dipped in oil, it should slide into the piston and the small end of the rod with slight resistance. A good machine shop will ask you what kind of pistons you will use so that they can match each bore for proper piston skirt-to-bore clearance.

  4. The oil pump then goes on, but not before its driveshaft is inserted into the distributor access hole and its gasket is laid to the block. Well, there you have it, a home-built short-block that promises to give you more torque, more horsepower, and ultimately, more reliability.

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