365 days of sex positions book


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The number between , the name of the position, and a short easy-to-read description are embedded on each page. Each page features a single photograph that goes from edge to edge filling up the page. Towards the expiry date of her "gift", Charla's husband complains:

365 days of sex positions book

The ultimate position a day sex guide, this all new book includes a concise description and a full color photo of different sex position. This title features erotic variations on the missionary, doggie, and cowgirl positions; modern examples of Kama Sutra classics; and, acrobatic positions for advanced lovemaking. Intercourse is euphemistically dismissed as "lovin'" or a "roll in the hay" and the rest is just tedious minutiae detailing the time Charla's kids go to bed, her weight issues, inlaws, Bible class and love of housework.

365 days of sex positions book

365 days of sex positions book

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  1. Were the lights on or off? It's easily searched and should stand up to the hundreds or thousands of times that it gets rifled through.

  2. To get in the mood, did he wear her underwear to work or did she go commando?

  3. Could you pretend you're enjoying it? The text is poetic but essentially sticks to the factual information - which is a good thing.

  4. This is a sex book with no sex.

  5. At the end of the year, Charla is "downright ebullient with the notion that I didn't have to have sex today! Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.

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