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Locke also makes a miraculously fast recovery in the episode " Through the Looking Glass ", after being shot and left for dead by Ben in the episode " The Man Behind the Curtain ". The mother's body rejects the fetus as a viral infection, resulting in both the mother and child's death.


Locke also comments that he would have died from being shot, had the kidney Ben was aiming for not been removed earlier in his life. In "The New Man In Charge" it is revealed that pregnant polar bears who were transported to the Island from the Hydra station would suffer dire consequences due to the high levels of electromagnetism. Healing[ edit ] Some castaways express the belief that they have been miraculously healed since the crash.



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  1. All that is left is a large, four-toed marble foot broken off at the ankle. Ben Linus appears deeply shocked when told he has a tumor on his spine, and Juliet notes the coincidence that Jack, a spinal surgeon, arrived on the island two days after Ben's condition was diagnosed.

  2. Time travel[ edit ] The Island is surrounded by an invisible electromagnetic barrier in which the normal rules of time do not apply.

  3. Later, Regina commits suicide by wrapping herself in heavy chains and jumping into the ocean.

  4. All that is left is a large, four-toed marble foot broken off at the ankle.

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