A loveless relationship


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Obviously, the first decision you need to make is whether or not you are willing to keep investing. The thing about this type of relationship is usually that both parties are involved.

A loveless relationship

Ask questions about their day and act, or actually be, interested. And when your partner allows himself or herself to be vulnerable, your willingness to provide reassuring, supportive responses can strengthen your emotional bonds. If the answer is no, skip to point two.

A loveless relationship

A loveless relationship

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  1. Lack of Intimacy Sex and intimacy are vital to the long-term health of a marriage.

  2. Stonewalling negatively impacts the long-term health of a marriage as important issues may not be addressed directly.

  3. Clinical studies show contemptuous marriages may even erode the physical health of both partners. There will certainly be emotional factors.

  4. You can hardly bear to think that your partner might not love you anymore.

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