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I think some of the newer blockchain protocols and technologies enabling trusted decentralized exchange hold some promise. What sets Blur apart is the privacy.

Abine privacy

With the surplus of features in the free subscription, the premium comes with even more. How does DeleteMe ensure that it prevents data brokers from selling user data? What is the technical strength of Blur?

Abine privacy

Abine privacy

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  1. This app could improve on the basic design but its still simple.

  2. New data brokers pop-up often, and some out of the US, are not bound by any legal or regulatory threats. These opinions are misinformed, philosophically vapid, and technically unjustified.

  3. When you think about the future of the internet — how can it become better for user privacy?

  4. Anonymity is very difficult to get online but a reasonable expectation of privacy is totally doable — even for someone like my aunt — who once filled up her new Toyota Camry with diesel fuel by accident. For example the masked cards, you can use it if you do not want your personal information - such as a credit card - out there.

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