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Knowledge of social science or developmental theory is not assumed. These chapters attempt to disentangle the role that culture plays in the paradox, the benefits associated with traditional Mexican dietary practices and ways in which nutritionists can utilize these to promote healthier eating, informal health care practices that are traditional in the Mexican heritage and the factors that influence their usage, and the role of culture and behavior on physical health including maternal and infant health. They help do the laundry, help cook meals, help wash dishes.


Always aim to work together A big motivating force for young children is being around their family, working on a common goal. Then kids associate chores with a fun, positive activity.



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  1. If you have the children just fold their own clothes while you fold your own, the tasks becomes more about working independently. In fact, many times, helping out was their idea.

  2. The shift in mindset changes how the parent responds to the toddler's request to participate in chore, Coppens says. Adriana Zehbrauskas for NPR hide caption toggle caption Adriana Zehbrauskas for NPR "Mom, I'm going to help you do everything" In the past 30 years, Gaskins and a handful of other psychologists have been documenting a remarkable phenomenon in indigenous families in Mexico and Guatemala:

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