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The EP contained the debut album's first single "Hot Air", as well as three non-album tracks. Production of the solo album commenced in , with Turner responsible for production duties; however, Turner died during the recording process, in August , due to a rare form of tissue cancer.



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  1. Adalita[ edit ] Initially, Srsen harboured no intention to release her own music as a solo artist, but was eventually persuaded by Turner to undertake the production of her debut album. All Day Venus[ edit ] On 28 April , Srsen announced on her Facebook fan page that she had started work on her second album at Birdland Studios, with long-time producer Lindsay Gravina.

  2. Friends are really important. Collaborations[ edit ] In addition to the various collaborations that were undertaken with Magic Dirt, Srsen has appeared as a guest vocalist on songs by other Australian bands.

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