Adelaide weather observations


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Find station data Use the Weather Station Directory to find free data or to streamline data requests. Sir Charles Todd began full meteorological and astronomical observations in , before the BOM began its official records at the site in

Adelaide weather observations

Requests using the Weather Station Directory incur the lowest charge Category 1. Otherwise it will identify the station details for you to request the data. That station is expected to continue in operation for another two years.

Adelaide weather observations

Adelaide weather observations

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  1. Pre-industrial revolution data Mr Nairn said one of the great advantages of returning the station to the site was being able to compare records. Assisted data requests and enquiries If you require assistance with your enquiry fill out the request form.

  2. Send a request Contact us for data that is not available online, or if you require further information.

  3. The calendar, as explained by Kaurna elder Suzanne Russell, depicts the changes observed by the traditional owners of the land and their living adjustments to suit. Sir Charles Todd began full meteorological and astronomical observations in , before the BOM began its official records at the site in

  4. Daily weather observations for the past 14 months can also be accessed from region lists.

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