Adjectives to describe sex


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Curvy curvaceous; buxom; having a large bosom. This blog is a huge inspiration for me and helps me to get through by many difficulties.

Adjectives to describe sex

Hot sexually attractive, beautiful, exciting, lively or passionate. And many of them are much better and more precise — in the manner how they describe someone or something. Lubricious sexually stimulating or arousing; wanton.

Adjectives to describe sex

Adjectives to describe sex

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  1. Lascivious exciting or feeling an overt sexual desire or interest. It's about an inability to effectively communicate.

  2. And, if our parents didn't talk about sex at home, we as children didn't learn good ways and good words to talk about sex later in life. I always try to find ways to have a love scene in my books without being too dirty and try to make it sensual how the scenes should be.

  3. Handsome good-looking especially of a man.

  4. Romantic scenes were the hardest part for me. Lovely very attractive, beautiful, pleasant or enjoyable; an attractive female.

  5. Full-bosomed having a well-developed bust and pleasing womanly curves. Gamy sexually lively or suggestive.

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