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The affective signs are also a way of stimulating the reciprocity in the affective exchange, since the receiver experiences an obligation to compensate the transmitter for the potential affection received. This portion of the non-remunerated work made in benefit of others, is what we consider as affective behavior or affection given.

Affectionate def

Also, we should distinguish affective work of what we know as remunerated work. This way, emotion and affection are intimately related, with the result that we refer to the affection received with a similar term to the one we use to call the emotion that it produces us.

Affectionate def

Affectionate def

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  1. Among physicians, a disease, or any particular morbid state of the body; as, a gouty affection; hysteric affection. Generally, this work consists of giving others, or helping them to obtain, some resources food, territory, security or knowledge needed for their survival.

  2. Many species are social only during a part of their life, normally while they are young, and later they become solitary individuals.

  3. It exists a great number of asocial species, such as mosquitoes, crabs or blackberries.

  4. Of course, the degree of social complexity and social necessity varies at length from one species to another.

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