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I think that's a good sign. For the PC gamer, we only sport two computers, but we have a massive set of open power ports with wired and wireless connections to be used. The idea is to make it so good we want to sit and eat it


After about two years of cold calls to places who were in operation and to folks who had gone under, I started to have a bigger picture of the "things that didn't work. For the RPG gamer, we have massive tables for large gaming groups, a RPG library, battle maps, minis, everything you need to make your campaign more epic.



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  1. Oh yes, we have tons of regulars, more of the "here every day" kinda folks. The AFK Tavern -- what a great idea!

  2. Hell, my guild started chipping in what they could to make this happen, even if they weren't local!

  3. Well, when I moved to Washington, I wanted to start a business.

  4. But it adds up for people with allergies and food concerns. Oh yes, we have tons of regulars, more of the "here every day" kinda folks.

  5. Suddenly this idea of AFK Tavern was real.

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