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I used to get a boner in the bath back before I knew what it was, and I raced hotwheels up and down my dick Those were awkward times. My situation was not aided by the fact that every girl my age all the way up to the year-olds were wearing bathing suits. So I must have been young and not fully aware of how my body worked yet I suppose, but I have a very distinct memory of my dad telling me one morning that I should take some time and relax before I come downstairs.

Akward bonners

My friend threw the ball, and I just barely caught it. I sat down at my computer one day to have a good wank.

Akward bonners

Akward bonners

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  1. Literally any time I was in middle school and class would end. Solved the task, then as I looked to the teacher I could see the hiding her embarrassed smile behind the book she had in hands.

  2. Got the family in the car and headed to my sister in law's house for Christmas dinner. Not full-blown faucet of blood from my dick, but some here and there.

  3. Rise Of The Third Reich. Well, my friend saw me walk by and decided to get my attention by patting my stomach.

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