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The quid-pro-quo for this federal largesse is unquestioning local cooperation with federal law enforcement agencies, turning thousands of local police SWAT teams into force multipliers for burgeoning federal police power. Pane, who was unemployed, wanted in on the action, Arsov said.

Alicia powe

One was Orce Stankovski, who previously spent six months unhappily working on a pig farm, according to Arsov. Arsov said that Goldman had asked him to help stop other Macedonian publishers from stealing Liberty Writers content, which he says he did in his capacity as a lawyer by sending letters to Veles site owners. Reporters found no connection between Bogacheva and the Macedonian sites.

Alicia powe

Alicia powe

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  1. Pane, who was unemployed, wanted in on the action, Arsov said. Arsov, 33, is a lawyer based in the capital of Skopje who comes from Veles, and commonly goes by the nickname Tale.

  2. Arsov initially said he mostly knew about Goldman and Wade from the Washington Post profile. Beck One of the plaintiffs, Angela Monson, claimed in an affidavit to have awakened to her porch door open.

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