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The services are, in particular: Terms and Conditions of the hotel 1.

Altus area code

Terms and Conditions of the hotel 1. If the reservation was made as part of a non-return offer such as HOT DEAL , the reservation fee amounts to the charge for all the unused days in all the rooms booked by the Guest as part of that stay. Until the arrival of the fire brigade the hotel personnel are responsible for the evacuation of all people from the premises.

Altus area code

Altus area code

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  1. Services — every service provided in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, particularly hotelling services within the hotel and online processing via the e-Service, 3.

  2. In the case of lack of such instructions, the hotel retains left objects for a period of one year.

  3. If the cancellation is valid and correctly performed, the Service Provider will without delay return the payment made by the Guest minus the reservation fee if that was stated in the terms of the offer which the booking concerned.

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