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Originally lampooned as an effort by upper and middle-class gentlemen to co-opt a traditionally working class sport, the safer, "scientific" style of boxing found favor in schools, universities and in the armed forces, although the champions still usually came from among the urban poor. Four weight classes were contested: Each of the five judges had a keypad with a red and a blue button.


Three out of the five judges had to press the button for the same boxer within a one-second window in order for the point to score. Our earliest record of the word's literal sense comes from a source. It held its first championships the following year.



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  1. Visit the Thesaurus for More Choose the Right Synonym for amateur amateur , dilettante , dabbler , tyro mean a person who follows a pursuit without attaining proficiency or professional status.

  2. A Regional Association Executive Committee may upgrade a Boxer who in their opinion, is clearly above the prevailing standard for his current level of classification.

  3. The Golden Gloves is an amateur boxing tournament that is fought at both the national level and the regional level. From to , the United States and Cuba won the most gold medals; 50 for the U.

  4. Boxers will box 3 x 2 minute rounds and males may box 4 x 2 minute rounds or 3 x 3 minute rounds by agreement.

  5. Women's competition was unaffected, as the AIBA announced that there wasn't enough data on its effects on women.

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