Ancient egyptian punishments


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These skeletons belonged to five middle-aged men, and their analysis clearly show stab wounds along the shoulder blades probably by a spear. Designed as a grand settlement with its imposing stone temples and palaces, the entire city was constructed in a very brief time period, and that too inside a desert region — all under the harsh orders commanded by Pharaoh Akhenaten. However, things also took a more dark turn, with capital punishments reserved for rare crimes.

Ancient egyptian punishments

One of the most notable examples is Ramses III executing a team that plotted against him by impalement — very slow and painful death. Wikimedia There were much more common than death sentences and sometimes were even performed on members of the family of the convicted criminal.

Ancient egyptian punishments

Ancient egyptian punishments

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  1. Tomb raiding was another crime for which capital punishment was administered.

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