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Do you have other or better ideas to add? Since Andalite bodies are smaller than horses closer to the flank height of a deer this makes it easier. Running, which would require a galloping "animation", is not supported at this time, and CGI is recommended here.

Andalite costume

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Andalite costume

Andalite costume

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  1. Picture for a moment, if you will, a cast member at a Disney park wearing a Flik or Atta costume, or something physically similar to it. The user wears special glasses that have sensors built into them that track eye movement, as well as displaying a 3D view of what the cameras in the Andalite eyes see.

  2. Picture for a moment, if you will, a cast member at a Disney park wearing a Flik or Atta costume, or something physically similar to it. There is an option for the user to disattach their main body costume from the rest of the costume, by way of hidden zippers.

  3. These glasses function only as virtual reality devices, and do not work like regular glasses, sunglasses, or 3D glasses which allow light through. These eyes are directly in front of the user's eyes, and their motion is controlled by the motion of the user's eyes.

  4. Like most professional costumes where the wearer may get overheated or like astronauts' suits , the Andalite costume features a cooling system that works by cooled water pumped in small transparent tubes throughout the area where the user's body is.

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