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Does DHS need better funding and more staff? The judge swiftly denied that motion.

Angela darlene mcanulty

The judge swiftly denied that motion. We will never know the extent of the pain she endured. Keeping Janette's Memory Alive Please take a moment to leave a comment about Janette's life or your thoughts on how we can prevent more tragedies.

Angela darlene mcanulty

Angela darlene mcanulty

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  1. Maybe Janette's spirit will live on to protect other vulnerable children.

  2. The prosecutor also said the informant may have initiated the escape discussion for reasons of his own. How can a child with life long abuse know where to turn?

  3. Jeanette would fall as she tried to stand with her face to the wall and her hands extended over her head — a longtime daily punishment, her sister said. Why is a parent with a history of abuse allowed to home school and isolate the very child who had been abused?

  4. His trial is set for May.

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