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I also found a bit where he wrote about the time that I had written about in The Long Song. How that sense of inferiority then found its way into a society that we now live in and are finding very, very difficult to shake those ideas.

Angela hester

I believe everybody has a sense of humour… certainly if you come from the Caribbean and slavery you had to have a humour to get through it. In course, evidence was obtained which appears six more belonging to the estate were more or less implicated.

Angela hester

Angela hester

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  1. It was so difficult.

  2. In order that we can have equality, in order that we just see that we are all just clinging on to the planet, all of us. I had to write that period if I was looking at my heritage.

  3. The last book that I wrote before The Long Song was about the time of my parents coming to this country, called Small Island.

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