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Police interviewed his housemates and discovered he had fantasised about imprisoning a woman in a cave. Case in point, we read in the news a week or so before we got to Nothofagus that a walkway had collapsed there and injured several people. Special thanks to the guides, Claudia, Sebastien, Nico, and Natalia as they were all wonderful.


I don't think the guides saw that, but we were highly irritated by that and my partner told the parents they should mind their kid. The last excursion we did was the Sunset Volcano tour, which was really beautiful and which we did enjoy, but again, was not an active trip. Each time we were the only people up there so my guess is most people just don't know about this space we had a top floor room and saw it as we went up.



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  1. There was an ill-behaved child on that tour with negligent parents that failed to notice their spawn was chasing off the guanacos that were approaching us. However, a large and loud group joined our excursion and we found them not to be entirely respectful of the natural surroundings.

  2. Anthony James Pitt, 59, on Wednesday was sentenced to 16 and half years in prison, with a non-parole period of 13 years, for the rape of two teenagers in the late s.

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