Aquarius tiger


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He has the talent to defend his interests without inconveniencing others. But for peace and democracy they're ready to throw Molotov cocktails, and fight to the last drop of blood. They can do their own thing, because the ability to manage is their talent.

Aquarius tiger

You can read more about the Primal Zodiac sign of Chimpanzee by clicking here. You can read more about the Primal Zodiac sign of Tiger by clicking here.

Aquarius tiger

Aquarius tiger

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  1. Their most negative quality is emotionality, which often jeopardizes the fulfillment of plans, the achievement of goals and simply personal relationships. Tigers born during the cycle of Gemini are represented in Primal Astrology by the Chimpanzee.

  2. Chimpanzees are moodier than most other Geminis and also more independent and unpredictable.

  3. He is an excellent parent, adoring his children. In addition, he is vindictive and vindictive, although in appearance of the Aquarius-Tiger this can not be said.

  4. Beautiful hotels will open a paradise on earth.

  5. He is a kind, open person with a strong will.

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