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Each station at the course will feature a freshly thawed cadaver and a live human model, with two or more instructors: Practise specific blocks on cadavers Practise scanning techniques on live human models Discuss and practise good block ergonomics and needling techniques Dissected cadaveric prosections and charts are available for reference. GP Anaesthetist positions full!


About This highly practical two day cadaveric course allows candidates to repeatedly practise basic and advanced ultrasound guided peripheral and neuraxial, single shot and continuous nerve block techniques on freshly thawed human cadavers. Course Content Delegates will be grouped according to prior experience as much as possible and the group size will be small, with three delegates per instructor.



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  1. Physiological amino acids Analysis of free amino acids in biological and medical applications serum, plasma, urine, culture media or food.

  2. Chromatograms are shown online.

  3. Chromatograms are shown online. Each station at the course will feature a freshly thawed cadaver and a live human model, with two or more instructors:

  4. Delegates should return to their hospitals with newly acquired knowledge and the confidence to perform regional anaesthesia on their patients, gained from having practised new techniques under supervision in a realistic setting.

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