Are u supposed to shave your pubic area


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When buying razors, it is ideal to get ones that are to be specifically used on parts of the body. Apply 1 percent hydrocortisone two or three times per day. If you don't have time to take a hot shower or bath, simply run a washcloth under warm water and place it on your area and let it sit for about five minutes.

Are u supposed to shave your pubic area

Also, tweezers and hair conditioner are optional supplies. Some people get more ingrown hairs than others.

Are u supposed to shave your pubic area

Are u supposed to shave your pubic area

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  1. During sleep, your body fluids accumulate under the skin and make the skin puffier. In fact, soaps often upset the pH balance natural bacteria making the vagina more susceptible to infection.

  2. Make sure that you are completely sure you want to do this before you begin. Razors are designed to shave fairly short hair and will quickly clog and become dull if applied to long hair.

  3. Massage egg oil well into the shaved area twice a day for a week. Always test the shaving cream on another part of your body before you start applying it to your pubic hair, as some people suffer from allergic reactions to certain products.

  4. For people who are prone to ingrown hairs or razor burn, it is recommended you shave in the direction of the hair growth. After shaving, hair will not grow back any faster or slower than it did before you started shaving; you will probably just notice the changes more.

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