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Adrastus bequeathed the kingdom to his son, Aegialeus , who was subsequently killed in the war of the Epigoni. Melampus was succeeded by his son Mantius , then Oicles , and Amphiaraus , and his house of Melampus lasted down to the brothers Alcmaeon and Amphilochus.

Argos latin

It also benefitted from its proximity to lake Lerna , which, at the time, was at a distance of one kilometre from the south end of Argos. Economy[ edit ] Municipal market The old Dimarcheio City Hall in ; built in , it served as the headquarters of municipal government until The primary economic activity in the area is agriculture.

Argos latin

Argos latin

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  1. Melampus was succeeded by his son Mantius , then Oicles , and Amphiaraus , and his house of Melampus lasted down to the brothers Alcmaeon and Amphilochus. The site is connected via a paved path with the ancient theatre.

  2. Anaxagoras was succeeded by his son Alector , and then Iphis.

  3. However, technical difficulties led to its decay, until it was restored several times, the last of which being in

  4. In , the Ottomans plundered Argos, carrying off much of the population, [15] to sell as slaves.

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