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Several other men in his staff were killed, in addition to many horses. Jackson's men bore the brunt of the initial attacks on the northern end of the battlefield and, at the end of the day, successfully resisted a breakthrough on the southern end when Jackson's subordinate, Maj.

Armed and ready jackson ohio

The results were far better than even Jackson could have hoped. It was then about 2 P. Jackson was fond of all fruits, particularly peaches, "but he enjoyed with relish lemons, oranges, watermelons, apples, grapes, berries, or whatever was available.

Armed and ready jackson ohio

Armed and ready jackson ohio

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  1. Ewell 's large division and Maj. His dispatches invariably credited an ever-kind Providence.

  2. As Jackson lay dying, Lee sent a message through Chaplain Lacy, saying:

  3. Just before the battle, Jackson was delighted to receive a letter about the birth of his daughter, Julia Laura Jackson, on November

  4. It was then about 2 P.

  5. The men were eating and playing games in carefree fashion, completely unaware that an entire Confederate corps was less than a mile away. A paper presented to the Society of Clinical Psychologists hypothesized that Jackson had Asperger syndrome , [57] although other possible explanations, such as a herniated diaphragm, exist.

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