Armenian physical features


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Regional climatic variation is nevertheless considerable. After independence, Armenia implemented a number of structural reforms in an effort to create the institutional and legal basis for a market economy. The food industry processes farm products, which meet domestic demand and are exported.

Armenian physical features

Mountain formations block the moderating climatic influences of the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, creating wide seasonal variations with cold snowy winters, and warm to hot summers. Though a small country, Armenia boasts more plant species in excess of 3, than the vast Russian Plain.

Armenian physical features

Armenian physical features

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  1. Considerable tracts of arable land also are found in the Ararat Plain , the Shirak Steppe, and the southern part of the Sevan Basin. Agriculture Agriculture in Armenia has to contend with many difficulties.

  2. The capital is Yerevan Erevan. Physical environment[ edit ] Detailed map of Armenia Armenia is located in southern Transcaucasia, the region southwest of Russia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

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