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It just means that the friendship would look a little different. This process can only be done one person at a time and one experience at a time, but it clearly can be done.

Aspergers making friends

Tony Attwood lists some essential skills for children to make friends as: In the end it turns into a very negative cycle that is very difficult to break. Where did you start?

Aspergers making friends

Aspergers making friends

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  1. Social skills improvement is the same way. Non-autistic children usually learn all these social skills in an unconscious and intuitive way, by observing and interacting with everyone around them.

  2. If we were told we were to bossy or too silly we might have tried to adjust our behaviors.

  3. Granted many of these people came into my life long before I understood that I had Aspergers and understood the nature of the social challenges that I face.

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