Aunty romance with boy


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Another actor was already in place when Rolleston turned up for a costume fitting as an extra. Boy visits his mother's grave, drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana, and finally comes to terms with the fact that all of his happy, early memories of his father are make-believe, and Alamein was in fact not even there when Rocky was born.

Aunty romance with boy

Whilst waiting in the car with Boy, Rocky tells his brother that he likes their father, and wants to get to know him better. Manihera Rangiuaia as Kingi, a school bully who often bullies Boy.

Aunty romance with boy

Aunty romance with boy

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  1. Boy tells Rocky that Alamein has gone to Japan to train as a samurai. He cuts his son's hair to look like Michael Jackson, and the two go on drives in Alamein's car and get revenge on Boy's school bullies.

  2. Boy is overjoyed to see Alamein return, thinking that he has come to take the boys away to live with him, but Rocky is uncertain about their father's sudden reappearance.

  3. While driving home, Alamein accidentally hits and kills Boy's goat. Excited, Boy hides the moneybag in his goat's pen, then takes his father's Crazy Horses jacket and proudly treats his friends to ice blocks and lollies.

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