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It's not that I'd rather them say, Yeah, you could stand to lose a few, but it makes it more difficult for me to process my insecurity against friends' reassurance. For me, it left me looking, as my friends once described, 'like a Holocaust survivor. When I was younger, it annoyed me.

Average guy shirtless

Exercise women look sexiest doing: Eva Mendes Working out with your woman: Straight-guy friend groups aren't immediate sources of empathy and consideration, from my experiences.

Average guy shirtless

Average guy shirtless

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  1. I take care of myself and exercise vigorously and regularly, but know that I'm not 30 anymore. In-N-Out Burger Celebrity crush:

  2. Damon Dahlen Additional reporting by: Depends on the woman.

  3. So, I got a gym membership, worked out a lot, ate well and felt good about how I looked. I am worried what they would think, not only because I am actually very fat, but how weird it would be to mention something like that in a man-to-man conversation?

  4. The soreness and tension from working out makes me feel better.

  5. Bad idea—she kicks my butt every time!

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