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When the two friends meet 10 years after the ceasefire, Vatan is struggling in poverty and cannot find money to pay for the medicine his sick daughter needs, while Murad has become wealthy through investments made during the war. Some projects have already been successfully completed.


For similar website to watch hong kong drama series, I would suggest you to search in your favorite search engine. Through this tale of joy and disappointment the author is trying to say that everything in this world is temporary, except love and honesty.



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  3. The innovations at the theatre go way beyond the technical aspects, however. Azdrama abroad In recent years AzDrama has focused on expanding relations with foreign counterparts in order to integrate Azerbaijani theatre into the international theatrical scene.

  4. Find businesses listed in credit card processing brainerd, MN. The touching tale of a platonic friendship between an older man and young woman stresses the importance of compassion, kindness and morality.

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