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A cremation burial vault is a concrete container that some people use to hold the urn when having an earth burial of cremated remains. Private disposition of cremated remains by a representative of Gleeson-Ryan Funeral Home locally. If you want to arrange a Direct Cremation, you can use an alternative container.

Back to earth torrington ct

With so many options available, funeral expenses vary according to the type of merchandise and services that are selected. This package does not include any rites, ceremonies, or wake.

Back to earth torrington ct

Back to earth torrington ct

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  1. I am shocked and appalled at what transpired today.

  2. Alternative container casket to meet crematory requirements. Cremated remains are personally carried by a Gleeson-Ryan Funeral Home representative back from the crematory.

  3. This seemed about right since the bottles are tiny, so I took two.

  4. This package does not include any rites, ceremonies, or wake. Box of prayer cards includes printing of name and dates.

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