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Alternatively, you can import this information from a file, to load several computers at once. The main drawback of this tool is that it must be installed and run on the client computer.


With the smart functionality that BatchPatch provides, you will be able to update the operating system of hundreds of computers with nothing more than one click. If you wish to know when the operating system is being updated and keep all computers updated, BatchPatch can be of use to you. The WSUS allows administrators to approve or decline updates before installation.



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  1. But keeping computers updated is a hugely complex job. And even with their shortcomings, automated systems are still doing a far better job than can usually be done manually, especially when considering the time investment it requires.

  2. This is a perpetual license that will let you use the software forever. It will then proceed to download the required updates from Microsoft and store them locally.

  3. A few of them were reviewed in these pages when we discussed the best subnet calculators or the best free TFTP servers , for example. Dependencies and installation BatchPatch has been created as an all-in-one tool for the aforementioned tasks as well as for keeping an eye on the available resources and the running services and processes.

  4. Rebooting, shutting down and Wake-on-LAN are among the capabilities of the product, just like the possibility to execute commands and processes. It is a command-line tool and its on-screen feedback is not the most useful.

  5. Just like most tools on this list, this one is not perfect. Pricing for the SolarWinds Patch Manager is based on the number of nodes serviced.

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