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In the case of the bass, this occurs after most of the newborns have swum away and a few stragglers remain. Similarly, the giant African bullfrog carries up to 6, eggs in his vocal sacs for six weeks.


These baby-daddies are extremely protective of their territories, which can range all the way up to 1, miles, and are opportunistic hunters, willing to kill and eat anything that happens to enter their home turf —even their own cubs. Similarly, the giant African bullfrog carries up to 6, eggs in his vocal sacs for six weeks. In fact, even those that are highly protective of their spawn, like male bass, are still prone to eating their own children.



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  1. The daddy rhea not only sits on his eggs for two months, forgoing food for all but two weeks of the incubation period, but then raises and guards the chicks for the first two years of their lives.

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