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How do I make friends? How can I decide who can visit my Cub Condo house?

Bearville sign up

Words in red are not in our approved dictionary and cannot be said in the world. It opens each time you log in to the online world, or you can find it by clicking on the Bearville Times button in your About Me section of your CyBearZone.

Bearville sign up

Bearville sign up

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  1. Click on a location and you will be transported directly there.

  2. How do I shop at the Bearville Outfitter? You can make your avatar walk by clicking where you want to go on the screen.

  3. There are many ways to get free gifts in our online world!

  4. Step on the pawprints to enter buildings and to look at the catalogs in stores. You will need to try saying your message in a different way.

  5. Once both of you approve, your trade will be complete! CyBearGuides are beary special citizens that work for Bearville.

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