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Beerio Kart is one of the finest drinking games out there today. The only consolation for falling off is drinking while that poor bastard who rides in a cloud with a fishing pole lifts your drunk ass back onto the track. Beerio Kart is one of the best drinking games out there.

Beerio kart

If you fail to finish your beer ahead of completing the race, anyone that is playing with you has full license to take you outside and savagely beat you with a hose until you lose consciousness and leave you in the elements. The player with the best score at the end of the cup wins.

Beerio kart

Beerio kart

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  1. You can only drink during the race.

  2. There are various strategies for completing this requirement.

  3. For three or more players you will need to track the place of each player after each race.

  4. At least until a young whippersnapper joined the team.

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