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And it was short on crab meat. Instead of tomato sauce, your tongue is greeted by a roasted red pepper sauce with a hit of jalapeno.

Bella figura lafayette la

If it weren't for him, I would have rated this place 5 stars. It is now on Kaliste Saloom Road across from Masala. If the weather is nice, ask to sit on the patio.

Bella figura lafayette la

Bella figura lafayette la

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  1. The location in the strip mall does not add much character to the outside, but the inside is clean and very pretty. As it was 37 degrees, we declined.

  2. It's the discover that makes it great, I guess, and in that sense this place was a success. He comes off, to me, as pretentious and pompous.

  3. We had an absolutely fantastic meal at Bella Figura tonight! We ordered a cosmo, which my date said was delicious, and I had a Stella Artois.

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