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The findings should dispel any lingering doubts that the continent's ice mass is shrinking, the authors said. Two-fifths of that ice loss occurred in the last five years, a three-fold increase in the pace at which Antarctica is shedding its kilometres-thick casing, a consortium of 84 scientists reported in the journal Nature.


Under any scenario, oceans will continue to rise for several centuries, scientists say. Oceans are currently rising by 3. Ice loss of 2.



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  1. Already floating, ice shelves breaking off into icebergs do not add to sea level.

  2. Two of these glaciers -- Pine Island and Thwaites -- have accelerated and are today seen as unstable.

  3. More than 90 percent of that frozen water sits atop East Antarctica, which has remained mostly stable even as climate change has driven up Earth's average surface temperature by a full degree Celsius 1. Oceans are currently rising by 3.

  4. Since , the global ocean watermark has gone up by

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