Best female game character names


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So as "Marvel vs Capcom: That choice is so ground breaking, and the execution so flawless, that we will argue to the death with anyone who says our inclusion of FemShep is a cheat. The Masquerade - Bloodlines:

Best female game character names

Chell Wizard of Oz Universe: What we have seen of the story so far takes place on a space station where the player explores the craft and replays recordings of the crew to find out what happened to them, something that people have said has a "BioShock" vibe to it. What female video game characters have you excited in ?

Best female game character names

Best female game character names

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  1. She would never be subservient to a man. Harley might not have originated in video games, but it wouldn't be surprising to see her appearing in them more frequently now that she's reached such an iconic status.

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