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Written by Sharon Howell Monday, 09 March Useful LDS mobile technology is available for a variety of platforms, and development lifecycles continue to enhance product offerings. LDS Stickers provides over beautiful stickers that depict families, temples, scripture stories, and more! Android now has the same content organization as the Apple version with the same visual interface.

Best lds apps

More LDS mobile apps will be covered in the next two articles. Easily share these uplifting messages with your friends and keep track of your favorites for later!

Best lds apps

Best lds apps

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  1. The app works anywhere, even where you do not have Internet access.

  2. It is not dependent upon the Memories app. Get reminders throughout the day to ponderize, and a reminder each week to choose a new verse.

  3. The free version of the app offers one coloring book as a gift.

  4. You can even choose to magically stay within the lines as you color! No need to purchase a separate recording app to capture impromptu family history sharing.

  5. Brighten up your iMessage conversations with these fun and engaging Nephi stickers.

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