Best love rock ballads


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Harden My Heart is a finely judged mix of glossy rock and lush synth-pop, and Ms Ross handles the bittersweet lyrics in a husky, soulful style. One for the connoisseurs. It's a story about a love affair where they recognized it may be over, but let's try again.

Best love rock ballads

By the end of a marathon judging session the assembled Classic Rock scribes were tearing their hair out. The wistful Miles Away was adopted as the theme tune by relatives of servicemen involved in the Gulf War.

Best love rock ballads

Best love rock ballads

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  1. You've come to the right place. Does the song ebb and flow gently, and then suddenly — when you least expect it — erupt with the gush of a tsunami?

  2. The song was the fourth single off the album, Slippery When Wet, and features a slow beat and drawn-out vocals, in contrast to the other tracks on Slippery When Wet, which are more upbeat. A romantic playlist of rock songs blend perfectly to get things started with warm cuddles and tender, moist kisses.

  3. While this song sounds far from extreme, the name of the band is easily explained:

  4. The wistful Miles Away was adopted as the theme tune by relatives of servicemen involved in the Gulf War.

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