Best movies to watch after a break up


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Christmastime, of course, and Breakup Time. Whether you're on the giving or receiving end of a breakup, you should take time after a relationship ends for personal TLC. A good movie teaches without your awareness; and alongside outrageous hilarity, FSM weaves a tale of reaching your potential and moving on after a devastating breakup.

Best movies to watch after a break up

Anyone who thought their ex was the perfect match will be comforted by Tom's realization that "just because [she] loves the same bizarre crap as you doesn't mean she's your soul mate. When the film ends you'll feel like you always knew better—even if you didn't.

Best movies to watch after a break up

Best movies to watch after a break up

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  1. The cast of characters in this hilarious film is chock-full of dynamic ladies — from the baton-twirling and panty-stealing Cheryl all the way to Sandra Bullock's gun-wielding and bikini-wearing Gracie.

  2. Someone Like You After an unexpected and brutal breakup, one woman Ashley Judd starts looking for answers, and she finds herself garnering national attention as a columnist on the subject.

  3. New Girl The event that launches the series is a cataclysmic breakup, which sends Jess Zooey Deschanel reeling and catapults her into a new and very funny life with male roommates. Watch and identify with Natalie Portman's Alice.

  4. Whatever your style, here are some Netflix picks to get you through. Meet the Patels This doc follows the dating trials and tribulations of an Indian-American man who, freshly 30 years old and out of a breakup, tries to meet his Indian parents' traditional expectations.

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