Bible metaphysics


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In the original Hebrew, the Word Elohim is used. Christianity considers this view an entirely irrational notion. And behold, there stood before me one having the appearance of a man.

Bible metaphysics

What is your response? Light, which represents intelligence or conscious knowing. The character of God, as described in this lesson, is Mind.

Bible metaphysics

Bible metaphysics

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  1. To date, this Author is only aware of one person who, reportedly, has ever made such an investigation, and the only explanation he can offer for that is along the lines of what has been previously stated; namely that, arising out of the reverence that has generally been inculcated into Man - whether individually or collectively - for religious scriptures, in times past, most if not all attempts to work out an alternative interpretation of scripture as compared to that imparted by the leadership of any religious body, was either dismissed or denounced as heresy, or in some cases, blasphemy, and in the latter case, severe punishment was meted out to those considered guilty of such actions. Through it man has power to increase whatever he concentrates his thought upon.

  2. They have, in that religion ascribes the original creation to God, the invisible power, and science traces specific beginnings back to minute units of energy, which also are invisible. In the Gospel according to John, what idea of creation is found?

  3. He is to make the ideal creation of God manifest in form. By concentrating it upon what is perfect he approximates more and more nearly the perfection that is his in the ideal.

  4. THE BIBLE The Bible is one of those books or more precisely, collections of books that carries a distinctive characteristic which separates it from many other books, except perhaps those of a similar nature; namely, it can be considered as one of the most mis-understood of all books, and on the other hand, it can be revealed to be - literally - one of the most comprehensive and all-inclusive sources of reference and knowledge.

  5. How is the rest of the ideal creation represented in the text of this lesson?

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