Bibles of the 1800s


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By Reading, Studying or Collecting Bibles owned and cherished by the generations before us! They found material for scholarly study of the Bible, and there they made and published a new version of the Bible in English, the Geneva Bible.

Bibles of the 1800s

When Mary herself succeeded to the throne in , she maintained her brother's policy of encouraging public reading of the Great Bible and Paraphrases; but versions with overtly Protestant notes were once again liable to be burned. Coverdale Bible The title page of the Coverdale Bible. We have organized our Bibles for sale in SIX main categories:

Bibles of the 1800s

Bibles of the 1800s

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  1. In , the Protestant scholar William Fulke issued a point by point refutation of the notes of the Rheims New Testament, in which he also printed the biblical text both of Rheims and of the Bishop's Bible in parallel columns.

  2. Yet scholars are scholars, and it shows some influence of the Genevan version; and, indeed, of other English versions, especially that of Myles Coverdale. There the spirit of scholarship was untrammeled.

  3. In addition, there are a number of other translations of individual books.

  4. Give us this day our daily bread. In various updates, this version remained the standard Catholic English-language Bible until

  5. We also offer lay-away with a payment plan. There could be no way of gaining approval for the Geneva Bible.

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