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Salvation must be proclaimed as being not of man's free will there is no such creature , but of God's good will; and conversion, not of man's autonomous act in turning to God, but a turning which is the fruit of God's work of regeneration. Whereas by rights Arminianism should be defined in light of Calvinism, the opposite is generally true. More recent Calvinists include Charles Hodge, A.

Billy graham calvinist

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Billy graham calvinist

Billy graham calvinist

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  1. More recent Calvinists include Charles Hodge, A. These verses are simply stating that nothing man can do by himself can get him into heaven.

  2. However, this is an incorrect interpretation.

  3. Stymied by this perceptible truth up against the doctrine of eternal conscious torment I believe Graham had to choose one:

  4. The trend is away from the old Protestant Reformation and its biblical principles which led men from the false church to the perfect doctrine of salvation. It must not merge "yes" with "no" and try to come out with "maybe.

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