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Check out how it went down here. Next, you are bothered that we don't release the data from the Bing It On site on how many times people choose Bing over Google.


There is just one more clarifying point worth making: However, don't you mean to say "we think that Microsoft has a colorable deceptive advertising claim" rather than "we think that Google has a colorable deceptive advertising claim"? So we give them suggestions, which we source from topics that are trending now, on the assumption that trending topics are things that people are likely to have heard of and be able to evaluate results about.



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  1. For a general search on a strange computer, I'd use Bing, simply because it doesn't have that horrible flickering autocomplete thing. You contend that these queries inappropriately bias visitors towards queries that are likely to result in Bing favorability.

  2. Allen October 1, 5: I think this is possibly the reason google retains such a large advantage in market share since many people rely on the advice of their more technically inclined friends and those folks probably find google superior.

  3. There is just one more clarifying point worth making:

  4. That was a Google feature.

  5. Best, Joyce H October 1, 6:

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